Trekking Gear checklist



What is the weather like in the Himalayas? Do I need a rain cover, raincoat, or Gore-Tex?
The weather in Nepal changes frequently and is pretty much unpredictable. Also depending on the season you travel but generally speaking during the main seasons – spring and autumn – it is pleasant during the day and cold in the evenings. There is always the possibility of a rain so it is it’s always good to have a rain cover, Gore-Tex jacket and trouser, raincoat and most important a good pair of Gore-Tex boots.

Can we buy these in Kathmandu or should we bring from home?
You can buy every trekking equipment in Kathmandu, Pokhara or even in Namche. Compared to western prices you even save money if you buy these things here. There is also the option of hiring pretty much anything you may need.

Do I need trekking poles?
Trekking poles are a fantastic help when going downhill and we would recommend getting a pair, however it is not a necessity.

What do you suggest we pack from home?
These are our TOP tips for what not to forget:

1. A pair of good trekking shoes (with Gore-Tex)
2. A 1.5l thermo-bottle
3. A book for the evenings
4. Camera and accessories

5. UV protective eyewear. Sunscreen
7. A fast-drying towel

Do I need a down jacket and a sleeping bag?
Yes, if you are going to trek over 3000m height it’s better you have own down jacket and a sleeping bag.You can buy or rent these in Kathmandu.

Do I need an extra jacket and trousers?
Yes, it’s better you have an extra coat. You can wear a warm fleece jacket inside your down jacket. A woolen pair of trekking trousers is a good idea to bring too.

Gear Check

Here we discuss what is good to take with you if you are planning a 2-week trek for passes up to 5500 m

  • Clothes

Rucksack 45+ liter – A quality and a well-fitted backpack are needed as you will be carrying this for days or even weeks every day with you. If you are going to use porters you can use a duffle bag. For a day backpack, we suggest a size of 10+ Litre.

Underwear – four pairs
Coolmax socks – four pairs
Sporty light socks – 2 pairs – while walking in the subtropic belt
Fleece jacket – for the two-week trek, one good pair of fleece jacket will always keep you warm inside your down jacket.
Goretex jacket – 1x – a Goretex jacket prevents you from getting wet and stops wind coming through. The mountains weather is unpredictable so it’s a good idea to have one Goretex jacket with you.
Gore-Tex trousers – 1x – Likewise Gore-tex jacket you should bring a pair of Goretex trousers with you for the cold morning and evenings or when it rains.
Down jacket – 1x- A well-feathered down ( better you have first down jacket than fiber jacket).
Thermo coat – 1x a lightweight, warm inner thermal coat gives you a warm sleeping experience.
Hat/baseball cap and a woolen hat – the sun gets very strong during the day (especially in the Upper Mustang) so a hat or a cap is a must. A good warm woolen hat is a great thing to have for chilly mornings and evenings.
Gloves – 2 pairs – One gore-tex pair and other you can have a pair of fleece gloves

Trekking shoe: an excellent pair of waterproof shoes is almost compulsory for a pleasant trek journey. Please make sure you wear these in and get used to them before the trek to avoid any blisters.
Sleeping Bag: Depending on the trek you are doing and the season you are traveling in a four seasonal sleeping bag (-20°c) with inner fleece is a good idea to bring with you. Buying or renting one in Kathmandu is cheaper than in any other western country.
Towel: A fast drying towel.
A neck protector: A thin type of neck protector will be a lifesaver for you on your treks as it protects you against the wind (especially in Upper Mustang)
Quick drying tops – 4x – avoid cotton as it takes too long to dry
Trekking pants – 2 pairs – a pair where you can zip off to make shorts would be handy, otherwise 2 pairs are plenty

  • Trekking equipment

Trekking poles – a great supporter for knees while going downhill
Mini spikes – if you are trekking in the snow line
Headtorch with the spare battery
Quality sunglasses with good UV protection

  • Accessories 

Camera with an extra battery and a charger
Phone with a charger

  • Medicine and Cosmetics

Sunblock cream
Lip balm with a UV protection
Water purifier/ Uv razor light purifier
Paracetamol or Diamox tablets